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Monday, February 27, 2012

Today we walked 4.4km around Cedar Hill Golf Course (CHGC) in the bright sunshine. Sunny & cold.

The Saanich work crews were out resurfacing the trail with fresh chips. Thanks to Saanich Municipality for maintaining our walking trails to such a high standard. This walks takes us 50-minutes of which 20-minutes is good cardio exercise.

Saturday we danced the afternoon away to the sounds of Yesterday's Wine and stopped in at the Purple Garden Chinese Buffet for supper on the way home.

Sunday we took in the boatshow at Pearkes Arena again this year with free passes from w&G. Thanks to you.

Today's photo is overlooking the 5th green at CHGC adjacent to Persimmon Drv. on the chiptrail.

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Oak Bay Henderson ParkToday we walked 5km on our Mt. Tolmie, clockwise route; that be up Varsity, UVic, Haro, Henderson Park, Rattenbury into and over Mt. Tolmie.

What a great place to walk; approximately 70-percent of this route is in forests and the remainder is on neighbourhood streets with little or no vehicular traffic.

None-of-the-above is wasted on us. Who else of our acquaintance living in the city can step out their door and be in the woods within minutes? Well, there you have it.

Today's photo is of Henderson Golf Course's groundskeeper, Ian and his crew, recovering the trails with new chips. The Municipality of Oak Bay certainly gets its monies' worth out of Ian -- he's the only one who maintains the nine-hole course during the months it is open. Now there's a worker.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

February 14,2012, I phoned Dr. Shue Tuck Wong at his home in Vancouver, BC. Professor Wong gave his contact information in response to an email I had previously sent him. Prof. Wong -- like myself -- was a vocal opponent of the photo-radar back in summer of 1996. Wong published several articles in print pointing out the foibles and faults not only of the photo-radar program but how it failed to reduce accidents and how poorly it was implemented and administered. Many of these articles can still be read online. In 1996, 25,000 names were gathered for a petition calling for the removal of photo radar and an independent review of speed limits in B.C.

I kept all such articles which I read in a file along with all other publications related to my ongoing disagreement with the then, NDP BC government. Gordon Campbell got elected premier of BC largely on his promise to scrap photo-radar -- which he did. It took five years for British Columbia to abolish photo radar in 2001 – after spending over a hundred million dollars and producing few tangible results. My recollection of those times have dimmed with the years, but I recalled reading an article which I believed to have been written by Dr. Wong. This was not the case; Dr. Wong told me he did not write it.

To the best of my recollection, the article was titled: "Why Are There 300 Unsolved Murders in British Columbia?". The author outlined the fact that while there were approximately 1100 fully-trained police officers -- RCMP and local forces -- were working full-time on photo-radar, only a few were working to solve the unsolved murders. Most of these murders were women and many were aboriginal or worked in the street trade. The author went on to write the provincial government should be charged with misappropriating public funds brought about by this imbalance in allocating police resources.

The thought occurred to me this information as published in the comprehensive, published article may prove helpful to the Missing Women's Inquiry now underway. If the facts known regarding the misappropriation of policing resources were juxtaposed with the known finding of the current investigations, one may conclude that the real cost of the photo-radar program have been grossly underestimated. One may also conclude these murdered women did not receive the protection they deserved and were entitled to as Canadian citizens. Serial killer Robert Pickton began his murder spree in 1991, a police team commander told the Missing Women inquiry in 2012.

Therefore, whether or not the author of this thesis is ever found, the facts -- if correct -- certainly make a strong case for the dichotomy presented by this alleged misappropriation of government funding. The facts, once found, will attest to their validity.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Today we walked 4km over Mt Tolmie. This took only 45-minutes but we got good cardio going up the Gordon Head Road trailhead. This trail is steeper than the Glastonbury Rd. grade.

It was chilly walking with a nor'easter blowing in our face.

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Today we danced to the sounds of Yesterday's Wine at our legion. Esquimalt Legion #172 hosts a Saturday Jam at which anyone wanting to take the stage is encouraged to do so using the hired bands sound equipment.

Yesterday's wine is the best country music band in Canada and they lived up to this billing on Saturday.

Today's photo is of my favourite cowboy.

We finished the night off with supper at El Greco Italian Restaurant with W&G.

Yesterday's Wine Help Me Make It Thru the Night

FlickR photos

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Kinsol Trestle visitorToday we walked 4km on the Trans Canada Trail to the Kinsol Trestle. We parked the limo at Glen Eagle's parking lot and walked the 1300m to the trestle. We took the new trail down to the river and walked the riverside trail to the gas pipeline. This made our roundtrip distance the 4km reported.

What a beautiful day! Under overcast skies, we were totally immersed in what can best described as a "Scottish mist". It did not rain, but still all the trailside trees appeared to be smiling. They are rife with new growth and appear to enjoy this weather better than what is ahead in the summer heat.

We started the up-island sojourn with a visit to Equine Emporium at Koksilah to pickup some western garb we had ordered. It was disappointing the Bentley could not get away to come with us but maybe next time. Goodonya, Bentley.

Kinsol Trestle 1-minute video.

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Today we walked 5km counterclockwise over Mt. Tolmie returning via Finnerty Gardens.

A reported, balmy 6*C. worked quite well for our 90-minute outing.

Today's photo show an azalia blooming already in Finnerty Gardens.

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine's Event 2012
Valentine's 2012 Celebration
Tonight we enjoyed dining and dancing the night away at Gorge Vale Golf Club (GVGC).

Organized by Ron King and wife Karen and hosted by GVGC. Thank you to everyone involved in its production and the many members and guests who supported it. What a great event!

This is the 3rd consecutive year we've attended as guests of Ron & Karen. Ross & Helen invited a large group of friends and it seems other club members did the same. The event was sold-out this year.

Valentine 2012 at Picasa

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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Today we walked 5km over Mt. Tolmie. After four days off from walking we took the easy route up Broadmead and thru UVic to enter the mountain park from Rattenbury

A most pleasant morning: no rain and very light winds.

Today's image is of the proliferation of snowdrops which bloomed this past week.

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Sunday, February 05, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday was a roaring success here when most of the kids showed up. M and U had to work and R was in Vancouver.

Everyone got fed-up on chili, pizza, chickenwings, 7-layer dip, salsa, chips, buns and coffee and ice-cream. That usually does it.

MVP Eli Manning lead the NY Giants to a 21-17 victory over the New England (NE) Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI (36). Madonna's Half-time show was spectacular. The girl (53) can still sing.

Thanks to everyone for coming over and spending time with us at our 3rd Annaul Superbowl Event.


Saturday, February 04, 2012

Steve & Tom's Martin guitarsSaturday we danced the afternoon away to the sounds of Roadstars Country Band at our legion.

Steve and Tom posed for a picture with their Martin guitars -- just two of the seven guitars they had on set.

We had great fun and afterward ate supper at Jack's Chinese Restaurant with W&G and S&C.

We shopped for last-minute food supplies for Super Sunday here tomorrow (expecting to feed 11 of us). This will be our 3rd Annual Superbowl Event.

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Friday, February 03, 2012

Red Barn Market West Saanich Rd.Today we walked 6.6km along the Interurban Rail Trail. After parking the limo at the Red Barn Market on West Saanich Road, we walked southbound to Interurban Road. This is the northern end of Interurban Rd. where it connects to West Saanich Rd. at the traffic light.

There are no restrooms along the Interurban Trail and this fact has been brought to the attention of regional planners on numerous occasions over the years but to no avail. Although most of this section is dedicated as trail, much of it has vehicular access for numerous homes along this section.

Therefore, I submit the Red Barn is the only place one can relieve themselves along the Interurban Trail between Tillicum Mall in the south and Brentwood Bay Shopping Centre in the north. This is a distance of some 18km. How ridiculous is that? And these people call themselves 'planners'? Sounds like they're as competent as Saanich Municipality's 'managers'.

But hey, it's great to get out on the trail and enjoy life. This was not a cardio-walk simply walked for the joy of it. The joy of life! We had cardio-exercise on Monday and Wednesday so today we simply walked a level section simply because we can.

We finished off the 95-minute walk with a hot bowl of soup and bread upon arriving back at the Red Barn.

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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Gen. Peter van Uhm is the Netherlands’ chief of defense, but that does not mean he is pro-war. "I Chose the Gun" is the title of his talk to TEDamsterdam:

General Petrus J.M. "Peter" van Uhm (born 15 July 1955 in Nijmegen) is a four-star general in the Royal Netherlands Army and the current Chief of the Netherlands Defence Staff (CDS).[1] He was promoted to this position from Commander of the Royal Netherlands Army (C-LAS) and succeeded Dick Berlijn on April 17, 2008.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Another day in paradise!

Today we walked 4.4km around Cedar Hill Golf Course (CHGC) in the bright sunshine. As Craig Rencher put it: It shortens the winter by one day. Agreed.

Craig is the pro at CHGC and runs the proshop and starter duties. The golf course, clubhouse and restaurant have come under scrutiny lately as Saanich Council is reporting annual losses in excess of $800,000.00. Wow, that's about the same amount as the Dukeshire, McNeil, Murphy shooting debacle of Camaso is costing the municipality. The final bill for the latter is not in yet as Saanich is appealing The Honourable Mr. Justice Burnyeat's scathing, written judgemant regarding how Saanich Municipal leaders and managers handled the initial police reports.

Talking about Saanich managers not handling things properly, what about the management of CHGC? Some have said they've 'managed' to run it right into the ground -- at least to the amount of nealy a million dollars in one year. These matters were published in today's Times-Colonist newspaper (TC) after the mayor called a public meeting be held Monday evening to discuss these matters. Prusumably the public's input will be forwarded by various Saanich 'managers' to Saanich Council the next time it convenes. From all published reports so far, the word 'mismanagement' does not appear.

We look forward to reading what remedies Saanich Councillors come up with. Hopefully, the problems with trying to turn a profit on this public, recreational facility, will not affect the part we use -- the trail. One wonders how much profit other public, recreational facilities throughout Saanich Municipality DO turn a profit. We'll keep our fingers crossed.

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