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Friday, January 27, 2017

Interurban Trail Walk 

Interurban Trail  
Southbound riders near Hartland Ave on a cold, January morning.  

This morning we walked for an hour roundtrip along the Interurban Rail Trail from the Red Barn Market southbound.

 It was surprisingly cold at a not-so-balmy, 3°C (37°F) with a 4-6kt. north wind.

 Upon returning to the market, we bought a breakfast bun and panini sandwich and a coffee. The coffee was just as much about warming our hands up wrapped around the cardboard cup as it was about the drinking of it -- although it was one fine cup of hot coffee.  

We were totally suited up in winter clothing: heavy coats, gloves, headbands and hats. It was simply a cold morning. Perhaps we should have waited until afternoon when it warmed up to 8°C. (46°F).

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Walked University of Victoria 

Under Construction  
This morning we walked 3340m (2miles) roundtrip from home up through Finnerty Gardens (our back yard) and return. A most pleasant time of day to be out at a balmy 5°C.(41°F.).

There is major underground reconstruction taking place in the parking lot adjacent to the Interfaith Centre. We spoke with one of the young men working on the job but forgot to ask what exactly was going on.

He did say he drove down from Nanaimo each day (111km/70miles one way) to be on the job. When asked, he reported he is very well paid for his effort. Goodonya, lad!


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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Honeywell Globalstar 2100 

During the past few days we've enjoyed lunch at Four Mile Pub on Friday and dinner at friends Monday.

It seems I'm spending an inordinate amount of time learning to program the Flight Management Computer (FMC) in my Boeing Tripple-7. It's pretty much required for most flights as this B777-300 aircraft is definitely fly-by-wire. I enjoy learning new skills and programming a Honeywell Globalstar 2100 (or Matrix), for certain takes skill -- and lots of it.

P.S. A skilled observer can see the FMC is set to fly from NZNV to NZAA (Invergargill, NZ to Auckland)

Tonight we go to Fireside with friends for dinner.


Sunday, January 08, 2017

The Anthropogenicasists 

Well, I've been AWAL. Simply because we have not gotten back to walking since getting over our bouts with the flu.

How long ago was that? I can't even remember but it doesn't mean we have not been busy.

Here's some correspondence written to a friend yesterday:  

Thanks for forwarding this to us, Ralph.

 I bought Bjorn Lomborg's book: Cool It, December 24, 2015 and have made a profound study of it since. It seems to me, each author takes a different slant on the subject which is logical as their backgrounds all vary.

It's always good to get a second opinion -- or a third, even. That's why it is recommended reading for us to read other book such as:
Heaven and Earth, global warming, the missing science, by Dr. Ian Plimer  
The Moral Case for Fossil Fuel by Alex Epstein

All are available from the Greater Victoria Public Library  

Our argument should emphatically state that more -- not less -- C02 is beneficial not only to plants (which is obvious to anyone other than an idiot) and humans. A robust Co2 enriched atmosphere will -- and has caused in the past -- golden days of growth and prosperity for the entire Earth -- including its human inhabitants.

Said humans are simply a part of Earth's many such, carbon-based life-forms. Dr. Ian Plimer, geology professor emeritus, best illustrates this with his geological knowledge, studies and research in his book mentioned above. Highly recommended reading.

 Dr. Ian Plimer's Video https://youtu.be/94BeCbh80EQ

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Sunday, January 01, 2017

Happy New Year 2017 at Esquimalt Wardroom 

Wardroom dinner
Happy New Year everyone.
We had a wonderful evening with friends at the Esquimalt Officers Mess (that be the Wardroom). Irene, who is widowed this year, invited 13 of her friends -- some of whom she has known for 80 years -- to the NYE Celebration at the wardroom. Nadia and Olga are her oldest friends and she invited her neighbor, Shirley -- all widows. Next came Dick and his daughter, Linda (Dick's wife, Joan, died August 8th 2016). Jim and Madeline were there as were Ross and Helen and George & Irene and Bernice & I soon I made up a party of 14. Most of this group have all been friends since first meeting at the Chief & Petty Officer's Mess (CPO Mess 1999) some eighteen years ago. And yes, we have pictures and video to prove it.

Katzenjammers Band Victoria provided the music for the 18th consecutive New Year's Eve event at the Naden Wardroom. For over twenty entertaining years, Katzenjammers has been providing high energy, classic pop/rock dance music and low-key, soft, dinner and background music for clients of varied demographic groups. Bands members in alphabetical order are: Bradley Clarke Drums and vocals; Dennis Ferbey Bass and vocals; Stephen MacDonald Guitar and Morry Stearns Piano and vocals. Dennis is the leader and also owner/operator of Oakstone Sound Recording Studio in Victoria, BC. Without a doubt, Katzenjammers is one of Canada's best dance bands today. Certainly, the best in Victoria.

The Wardroom New Year's Eve Gala Team deserve our congratulations and thanks for hosting such a wonderful event. Bernice and I attended the very first NYE gala at the wardroom some twenty years ago. Although we have not attended each such event over the intervening years we have watched its success grow into one of Victoria's finest and most-sought-after events on the New Year's Eve social calendar. This can be attested to by the fact over 220 members with their guests attended the 2016-17 event. Thank you to the entire team headed by Lt. M. Newman (Navy), NYE Gala OPI.

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