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Friday, October 27, 2017

Cycle Sooke Potholes to Leechown 

Friday, my grandson and I cycled 18km roundtrip along the Galloping Goose Trail (GGT) in Sooke.

We started at Sooke Potholes Upper Parking lot and rode to the end of the trail at the Victoria Water District's gate at the 57km location on the GGT.

After we backtracked to the first red gate (on the east side) we rode down the opposite side of the trail to the Deep Pool for lunch.

I've been riding or walking up here for over a decade but this was our grandson's first time.

What a perfect day! Good riding buddy, good lunch and great weather: 21°C (70°F) under clear, sunny skies.

Equally importantly -- no bears

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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Ubike from Selkirk Landing to Switch Bridge 

Wednesday morning I drove to Uptown to find a U-bike.

Ubicycle's phone app showed a bicycle near Napier Lane in Cecilia Park where there is no bike. It also showed a bike near Crease Avenue near the Switch Bridge Station on the Galloping Goose Trail and there to is no bicycle there either.

My next stop was Selkirk Waters' business district where I did find this one. It had no helmet. I used my own helmet.

I cycled 4600m roundtrip along the Galloping Goose Trail out to the Switch Bridge on a somewhat circuitous route.

Very nice ride and most pleasant weather.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

My First U-bibcycle Ride in Victoria BC 

Tuesday I rode for the first time one of Victoria's u-bicycle. It was cool.

There's a few vagaries to work out before the entire experience can be considered a success but it seems one complete ride is sufficient to cover them all.

Firstly, one needs money in their Ubicycle WALLET. The 'wallet' is where one deposits money -- it can be done using the app -- BEFORE the app will unlock the bike.

The next significant item in completing the transaction is to lock the bike once its use is no longer required.

LOCK-OUT IS DONE MANUALLY by placing one's thumb on the actuator and physically pushing the lock through the spokes. Remember: it's a good idea to secure the helmet by engaging its strap within the locking mechanism.

Pandora Avenue VIDEO 6-minutes and quite boring . . .

I couldn't resist posting this one. It was published in the Victoria Times Colonist daily newspaper on Tuesday, October 24, 2017.

After cycling these lanes end-to-end and back, I wholeheartedly concur with Miles' proposal.

Let Pogo sticks use bike lanes, too 
Re: “Scooters, wheelchairs may get run of bike lanes,” October 17, 2017
Why stop at scooters and wheelchairs in the bike lanes?
Pogo sticks and stilts should be next, and walkers with racing wheels would allow more seniors to get out and about.
With the winter rains upon us, row boats might be a good fit, and, heaven forbid, should the winter of 1996 return, skis, toboggans and dog sleds could be added, as well.
Vern Miles, Victoria

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Amos The Builder 

Amos with Mayor Stewart Young Our adult children -- often referred to as 'our kids' -- attend church in The City of Langford, BC.

This passed Sunday, they had a surprise guest when Langford Mayor, Stewart (Stew) Young and his wife dropped in to join in the services held at the all-new, Belmont Secondary School in that city. The mayor gave the gathering a few impromptu words of encouragement to those attending then later mixed and mingled for almost an hour.

During this time, Bentley was able to geta photograph of his son, Amos, with Mr. Mayor. Here's a picture-to-prove-it:

N.B. Stew Young is the mayor of the most-vibrant community in Canada today.

In the past month, two newly constructed roads in Langford have opened to the public and hundreds of new homes are completed annually.
Bear Mountain Parkway -- the longest and most challenging Langford road project -- is anticipated to open to the public next year.
Stew Young is the 'Builder Mayor' and Amos is actually 'The Builder'.

Amos is currently completing his apprentice carpentry course through Camosun College and is on the gound in West Hills building the new houses.
Congratulations to all concerned.

"The best way to end homelessness is to build homes." -- Bill Irvine

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Wednesday, October 04, 2017

E&N Rail Trail turned Achaeological Dig 

Today I walked around the work site where the E&N Rail Trail will bypass the Esquimalt Indian Reserve at Thomas & Admirals roads. 'Work site' is a misnomer inasmuch as no work is taking place on this Wednesday. While excavating the grade beside Admirals Road for the connecting ramp some bones and/or artifacts were unearthed which immediately turned the whole exercise into an archaeological dig. Guess we'll just have to go back to cycling the E&N single-track 'till the dust settles on this issue and the workers can do what they do best -- work.

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Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Walked Selkirk Waters of Galloping Goose 

In Memory Of . . . Tuesday morning we walked a few kilometres along the Galloping Goose Trail from Harbour Road to Gorge Road Tunnel and back.

We looked at and photographed this newest monolith along the trail and have no idea what its purpose is. It states 'in memory of' and many names posted upon display boards but no explanation of whom or why these people are to be remembered.

It is emblazoned with several Great Trail logos but no explanation as to why it was built or for whom.

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