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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Portage Inlet park Walk 

Portage Inlet Linear Connector Park is not to be confused with Portage Park. The former is located between the northern shore of Portage Inlet and Hwy-1 and the latter is located between Thetis Cove and the E&N Railway where the E&N crosses the Old Island Highway (near the Four Mile Inn & Pub).

Portage Inlet Park extends across the border between View Royal Township and Saanich Municipality at a point along Portage Road in Saanich. This road and access to the park can be achieved from Admirals Road just north of where the road-bridge crosses Colquitz Creek.

Access to the park from the west is achieved by exiting the Helmcken Road roundabout onto St. Giles Street (right onto Stillwater) and Chancellor Street (then left again onto the continuation of St. Giles Street) where there's a parking layby big enough to accommodate only two or three vehicles. The asphalt path from one end to the other is only 460m in length.


Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Cycled 19km Loop E&N/Galloping Goose Trail 

E&N Rail Trail Tuesday morning I cycled the 19km loop (12 miles) formed by connecting the Galloping Goose Trail (GGT) with the E&N Rail Trail (E&NRT).

I've cycled this easy loop many times but it's the first time this season (I usually take the winter off from cycling).

After starting near the 5km marker along the GGT, it was down hill (DH) all the way to the City of Victoria --Mile Zero of the GGT and the E&NRT. From this locations, it's only 9km along the E&NRTto Atkins Station where the two trails join at their northwestern connection.

It was great to see the Songhee First Nation permitted the E&NRT to pass by their Wellness Centre and continue on to Hallowell Road. The new trail ends at Hallowell but it's a short distance to pick up the E&NRT again at the end of this residential street.

The section where I started at Grange Road is still under construction and thus the trail surface there is gravel for approximately one kilometre..

E&N Rail Trail VIDEO

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Friday, May 25, 2018

Cycled E&N Thru Langford 

Friday I cycled 7km roundtrip along the E&N Rail Trail in Langford, BC..

Atkins Station parking was completely full of park&ride vehicles so there was no room for those for whom the parking lot was built -- trail users.

Therefore, I drove onward to Atkins Road parking near Millstream Bridge which provides access to both the Galloping Goose Trail (GGT) and the E&N Rail Trail (E&NRT).

The latter is not as well defined as the former but the E&NRT has a dedicated section to begin with northbound but soon runs out so one has to ride on the narrow, winding road with motor vehicles. It's been like this for yeas now and it is unlikely it will ever be improved for cyclists.

If one can successfully maneuver themselves and bicycle for another kilometre nothbound along Arkins road there are designated (not to be confused with dedicated) bike lanes.

At this location there is another option for those not in hurry: Cross over the footbridge which crosses over the E&N Railway tracks into Savory Elementary School. This is where one can again ride on a dedicated trail section of the E&N Rail Trail.

As well done as the improvements are to this section of the E&NRT, traversing it through Langford could become an exercise in futility. The interminable waits at the traffic lights at the numerous road crossings makes one wish they had chosen to cycled elsewhere. There's a lengthy wait at Goldstream Ave. crossing and then after tracking the Station road section one comes to Peatt Road crossing. Here one has to use several pedestrian crosswalks to finally arrive at the trailhead on the western side. After cycling for another 450 metres or so, one arrives at Jacklin Road crossing. Jacklin road appears to be the end of the E&NRT westbound. If it continues it was not apparent to me so after cycling along Dunford Road for a while I turned around and cycled back to my vehicle.

BTW, I did enjoy my morning cycling and refreshing my memory why it's been almost a decade since I cycled here last. LOL

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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Walked Henderson and Alumni with wife 

Would You Believe Two Bucks? Sunday we walked around Henderson trail and Alumni Trail

B and I saw two bucks on trail which were very tame

I dug around some roots on the trail and sawed a bit of one

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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Quadcopter at Field Farm 

Thursday I walked the Galloping Goose Trail (GGT) from Bennett Road, past the 24km Marker, to the layby at Field Farm.

The last time I stopped here was when riding with Cam, Cameron and Ray, February 16 2015. The first time was on my old, MB in April 2010.

This time I walked in dragging my Yuneec Typhoon Q500 quadcopter which comes in its own aluminum, wheeled case with pull-handle. The entire package weighs in a 27lbs (12kg) so rolling along the trail worked for me.

The drone flew well and the camera worked well -- we got some good video recordings.

1878 Field Farm Video along the Galloping Goose Trail (23.8km)

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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

More Retriever Ponds and Feltham Walk 

Retriever ponds outlet to Colquitz Creek Tuesday I walked from Feltham Clinic thru to Crawfords' home at Malton Ave. in Saanich and back.

Prior to that, I drove to Elk/Beaver Lake ponds to check out the sticks piled at the outlet from the Retriever Ponds and photographed the entire site

We had lunch at Curry Point

The cleaning lady was in and did what appears to be nothing. Just sayin'.

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Monday, May 14, 2018

Elk/Beaver Lake Retriever Ponds 

Elk Beaver Lake Park Monday we picked Liam up at UVic after his class and had lunch at MexiGo. He gave us a scintillating updated regarding his world travels over the past year.

Afterward, he and I walked around the Retriever Ponds at Elk/Beaver Lake Park.

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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Selkirk Walk and Raccoon and Burley Trailer 

Saturday we walked from Harbour Road parking northward over the Selkirk Trestle and along the Selkirk boardwalk

We was some resident raccoons along the way and they posed for pictures

After bought lunch from the Esquimalt Red Barn Market, we drove to the Wellness Centre at Maplebank Road and ate our bun-on-the-run

We photographed the newly completed E&N Rail Trail up to Hallowell road.

I ordered a $350 Burley Bike Trailer from Sammy at Oak Bay Bikes (backordered).

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Friday, May 11, 2018

Walked 6km with Backpack 

White Spot Chicken Pot Pie I walked 6km roundtrip thru Horner Park, Finnerty Gardens and thru Alumni Trails to saw a root obstructing the trail

After crossing over to Henderson Park, it was then over Mt. Tolmie to Mayfair and home down Glastonbury

I left home at 7:25 and back at 8:45 am 1:20minutes carrying a daypack

Then I had my annual eye exam before heading out to Allendale Field to flight-test the replacement Yuneec Typhoon 500 and new CGO3 camera

Lunch was on me $44 at Whitespot on Quadra

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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Walked Blenkinsop Greenway 

Ubiquitous U-bikes Bernice and I walked from Mann Trucking thru Blenkinsop Greenway and back

We picked up Aliya at Century and had lunch on Bern at Royal Spirit Indian Cuisine

Sharon phoned in afternoon re: she got the new position

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Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Humpback Reservoir and New Quadcopter 

We drove to Humpback Reservoir and walked a bit of the Great Trail.

I photoed the reservoir with Bern's new LG G6 then shopped thrifty $182 and talked with Donna and Cameron
I drove to Staples
and picked up the new (replacement) quadcopter which was a new drone, new camera, new battery and four new propellers
Amazing service! AND NO CHARGE ;-)

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Sunday, May 06, 2018

U-bicycle, Henderson, Alumni then Barb's 

Barb's One Piece I rented a U-bicycle in the hood and rode 46 minutes up and around UVic

Later, we walked Henderson chiptrail and Alumni trails together.

Afterward, we drove to Fisherman's Wharf and had fish&chips at Barb's. They serve the best.

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Saturday, May 05, 2018

Aerial Realty Shoot 

Bentley I'm pleased with the shoot inasmuch as we got some actual video footage -- which isn't always the case
Here's the best sample I have which shows what I feel is required in a realty presentation: the house and its location and relationship to its surroundings

You can have the raw files if you want

I've got many screengrabs which will be posted to Photos.Google tomorrow
The VIDEO is UNLISTED but you should get it with this link Realty VIDEO shoot

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Thursday, May 03, 2018

Walked Sooke Potholes Flew Hexacopter 

Sooke Potholes Parking pilot Thursday we walked the Galloping Goose Trail from the upper parking lot at Sooke Potholes to Todd Creek Trestle.

The Capital Regional District (CRD) states on their website the trail in that section will be closed to users until lfurther notice.

There is currently no work of any kind underway on the project. It was stated to us by an onsite park's, trail-worker the trestle work will not commence until the fall.

It appears to us the delay is primarily to force northbound trail users to use the pay parking lots at sites one, two and three. This is not an issue for us as we have an annual parking pass but it will generate more income for the CRD in parking fees which will in turn defray some of the $1.2 million dollar cost of the upgrades.

While on site -- and no one was around -- I put the hexacopter in flight from #3 parking lot and shot some video of the area.

On the way out to the potholes we stopped in at John's place and learned he sold the waterfront spread due to his health issues.

After we left the potholes, we stopped in at Doug's spread beside Sooke River (at the flats) and invited him to join us for fish&chips at Mom's Cafe in Sooke. Doug is 91yrs now and can still spin a good yarn. If you get my meanin'.

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Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Rode U-bicycle 

Rode u-bike from St. Aiden's church to around UVic

Walked to bank and dollar store and back

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Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Walked Henderson 

Walked Henderson and Alumni trails with Bern

Had coffee with Eric at Dakota Lounge in Victoria Flying Club

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